What is garcinia cambogia and how well does it work to lose weight?

There are many people throughout the world suffering from obesity, looking for a healthier lifestyle, or trying to reach a more natural standard of living. Nowadays, there are so many supplements and natural remedies available to help. How do you know which is the best to help you lose weight? One of these natural helpers is garcinia cambogia, a recently-made-popular weight-loss supplement. Many are turning their diet attempts to hope of this tropical fruit, but what is garcinia cambogia and how does it work?

What is garcinia cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia fruitGarcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit that also goes by the name Malabar tamarind. This small or medium-sized tree grows mostly in Southeast Asia and India. The rind of garcinia cambogia contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and is also used to make medicine. Garcinia cambogia can be used for exercise performance, treating parasites and worms, increasing bowel movements, joint pain, and weight loss.

The acid within the fruit was discovered in the 1960s by scientists who were curious about the pumpkin-shaped tropical fruit. These scientists discovered that this acid was much like the citric acid found in other fruits, like lemons and oranges. Much research has been done in regards to garcinia cambogia and the HCA chemical it contains. These studies have shown that HCA could help control appetite, increase exercise endurance, and prevent the storage of fat within the body.


How does garcinia cambogia work?

The chemical HCA was found to have attributed to weight loss in animals during research conducted in the 1990s. It was found that HCA naturally blocks a part of an enzyme named citrate lyase. This citrate lyase helps turn starches and sugars into fat. Therefore, HCA helps block the enzyme that helps to create fat within the body.

By blocking this enzyme, carbohydrates that get put into the body get changed into energy production instead of staying in the body and turning into fat. When fat is burned through exercise, there is less fat sitting in the body to replace it. Because of this, overall fat levels tend to go down. HCA can also signal serotonin within the brain.

What can it do for the body?

after weightlos supplementsGarcinia cambogia’s HCA helps block enzymes in the body that aid in creating fat, stifling the growth of fat within the body. Studies have also shown that garcinia cambogia can also help suppress appetite, but differently than other diet pills out there. It suppresses appetite by increasing levels of satisfaction one feels from food, mentally making it easier to not eat as much.

Studies have shown that this could be possible by HCA’s ability to send signals to the brain through amino acids that are the precursor to serotonin, or the “happy hormone.” When serotonin is released in the brain, the body and mind feel healthier; naturally suppressing the urge to eat.

Studies have been conducted on the dietary effects of different versions of garcinia cambogia and HCA. The most conclusive evidence comes from those who had taken garcinia cambogia for at least 12 weeks; results showing that those people had lost more weight than those who had just strictly dieted.

Garcinia cambogia can especially help people with conditions like diabetes, as the HCA makes it easier for the body to use glucose. Glucose is the sugar the body’s cells need to make energy. Studies have shown that diabetics who take garcinia cambogia tend to have lower insulin levels and better weight loss results. Research has even suggested that garcinia cambogia can improve cholesterol levels by raising HDL and lowering LDL.

How is garcinia cambogia taken?

garcinia weightloss pillsA lot like supplements and other dieting means, it’s all about how it’s done. Just like medications, sometimes it takes just the proper amount to get the proper results. Scientists have worked endlessly for years through various studies to find the perfect dosage that allows the HCA to reach the points in the body it needs to.

Because there are three different forms of hydroxycitrates, dosage is very important. Salts are added to the HCA to decrease its degradation and help the body absorb the HCA easier. It is recommended by many that the HCA within garcinia cambogia should be at least 50 percent of the supplement’s chemical makeup.

It is very important to take the proper dose in order to receive all the amazing benefits of the HCA in garcinia cambogia. Dosage can vary depending on type of garcinia cambogia, the age of the user, and the health of the user, among other factors. Depending on the brand of supplement, garcinia cambogia could need to be taken up to 3 times each day, prior to each meal. Garcinia cambogia should be taken on an empty stomach, before eating.

What are the side effects and possible interactions of garcinia cambogia?

side effects and safetyWhile there is no confirmed information that garcinia cambogia could be unsafe, there is no concrete information ensuring its long-term safety either. Studies show that side effects of taking garcinia cambogia include digestive tract discomfort, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. There is currently no evidence that garcinia cambogia causes reactions with other medications. To air on the side of caution, it best to speak with a doctor about garcinia cambogia if an individual is taking any other medications or supplements.

Those with asthma, allergies, diabetes, anemia, or those on blood thinners or pain medicines should always consult their doctors. Diabetics for example, may experience lower than usual sugar levels when taking insulin medication in addition to garcinia cambogia. Those who are on medication to lower their cholesterol may have issues with the garcinia cambogia, as it tends to lower cholesterol as well.

Those pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a physician before attempting to take garcinia cambogia, as there is not enough concrete evidence that it is safe or unsafe for those individuals. With not enough reliable evidence to support either side, it is safest to consult a doctor first.

Many products have emerged in recent years, claiming to be the “miracle cure” for weight loss and appetite suppression. Sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are viable options and which ones are not. With garcinia cambogia however, it’s hard to argue with the natural chemical compounds of this tropical fruit. The chemicals that naturally reside in garcinia cambogia can help users lose weight, eat less, and maybe even get a little healthier. What is garcinia cambogia? Why, it’s an easier, more natural way to get back to a healthier you.